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Liner Agency / Husbandry
Fortune Inc providing agency services to any type of container lines and all services are delivered in a truly open and transparent manner.

Over the years Fortune Inc has refined its services to become more then just a service provider of local sales, container control and documentation services, to become and integral part of the efficient operational and commercial success of every voyage.

Form an operational perspective our team of local operational and financial experts will ensure that the cost are reduced and vessel turn around is as fast as possible with our staff constantly striving to raise the bar.

Port agency requirements have traditionally been managed by the container carriers local offices, as a default part of their service scope, resulting in a rigid fixed cost structure.

Fortune Inc consequently developed a liner husbandry solution, to offer the carriers a scalable, cost efficient and standardized solution, which provides the necessary agility to accommodate the ever changing market conditions.

Fortune Inc pioneered the outsourcing of agency management services, and is in the unique position to offer an integrated outsourcing solution that creates enterprise value throughout the principals operations.

Hub agency services can be provided also when Fortune Inc is not the performing agent, supporting the principal’s operational and financial management of the port calls.

The Fortune Inc operational hub will oversee that the principal’s instructions to agents are adhered to, and closely monitor the operational performance of the performing agents.
Our Port Handling services include:
Standard reporting systems and quick communication with modern systems.
Contact management with Shippers and Consignees.
Coordination with Port and Customs Authorities.
Stevedoring services and information.
Tally and Supervision Services, including supercargo service.
Clearing and Delivery of Ship Spare Parts.
Crew Change Arrangements.
Ship Handling Assistance.
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